Unhappy Marriages Really Stress Women Out

Unhappy Marriages Really Stress Women Out

A study conducted at the University of California shows that women are less stressed out if they are happily married. Men? Not so much. The study showed that women with happy marriages have lower levels of stress chemicals (primarily cortisol). But men’s level of stress chemicals was largely dependent on how busy they are at work.

This just proves one thing. Men don’t care about anything but their work and sports. And women only care about relationships and shopping. It’s almost like men are from one planet and women from another. Maybe the planet men are from an angry red planet named after some mythological god of war. And that means women would probably be from some yellow planet named after a goddess of love. Someone should write a book about this.

This is an interesting study. A previous Dish on argument style, referenced a study that showed women are more prone to stress-related illness. Essentially, it eats away at a woman if she can’t let some of her stress out verbally. Check it out here.