Poll: NJ Men Claim To Be Very Sexually Active


A study in New Jersey by Monmouth University shows that New Jersey men report having more sex than NJ women. This poll also shows that NJ men are way more likely to talk about sex than NJ women. And that they want more sex. And that they’re more likely to fantasize about having an affair. The authors of the poll say that the numbers don’t match because men (in New Jersey any way) tend to over-report they’re ‘number’ and women do the opposite. There was a Dish on the tendency back in August of 2007. Men want to look ‘cool’ by claiming to have sex with lots of lovely ladies. While women want to look ‘unwhore-ish’ by minimizing the number of sex partners.

Sure the whole ‘numbers’ thing is just a matter of arithmetic. There are barely more women then men in America, so the average (by ‘average’ we mean the ‘mean’) really can’t be that different. Now the part about NJ men wanting sex all the time, talking about it, soliciting it, and fantasizing about it all the time is probably true. At least that’s what we’ve been led to believe by our trips to Atlantic City. Is this the legacy that the Sopranos leaves behind? Is America finally aware of the New Jersey libido?

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