Ugly Betty's Eric Mabius is "Female User-Friendly"


Starting a family is right on top of this Sexiest Man Alive lister.

Love is:

a) blind
b) a battlefield
c) all you need
d) all of the above

How did you meet your wife, Ivy?

Sex Ed class in ninth grade. I flirted with her throughout high school [in Amherst, Mass.], but we never dated. Then, my best friend from school, with whom I'm still in touch, played matchmaker [more than a decade later].

What’s the best part about marrying someone you knew in high school?

A lot of odd coincidences. Our brothers were in the same class in high school, too. Our fathers were both antiques dealers. Our parents' sides of the family were both from central Massachusetts. And her dad’s family was this huge Jewish, mill-owning family. On my side, I had a bunch of, like, Polish Catholics who probably worked in those mills.

What's the biggest difference between you two?

The speeds at which we each vibrate. I think that's why we're in love, because we are so vastly different. I'm neat, and she's not. She's very calming, and I'm more often than not [operating at level] 10.

What about Ivy melts your heart?

When she plays with our son [Maxfield, born last June].

What about her drives you nuts?

That she doesn't pick up after herself. I always come in from work in the middle of the night and trip over things.

Which of Ivy's features is your favorite?

Her smile. You can count a crazy amount of teeth.

What's your favorite guilty pleasure love song?

On any given day, it's a different one. Today, it was "Almost Paradise"—that really cheesy, late-'70s song by, like, James Ingram and someone else. [Editor's note: It's by Ann Wilson (of Heart) and Mike Reno (of Loverboy), and it was on the 1984 Footloose soundtrack—and we kinda love you for knowing the words to it.]

What's the craziest thing you ever did for love?

Buying a house. Ivy's an artist and needs room for her studio, and my bungalow in Venice [Los Angeles] was so damn small. I was in no position to [buy a home], but it was a really smart thing for many reasons.

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