Eminem Using Mariah Carey Relationship On Album



From New York Daily News
By Ben Widdicombe

Eminem and Mariah Carey seem to have the gripe that keeps on giving.

A source claims Eminem has returned to their famously contentious fling, six years ago, for unflattering material on his forthcoming album.

"There is more than one track that goes into really specific, intimate detail about what went on between Em and Mariah," an insider tells OK! magazine.

The source claims Carey has asked the head of her Island Def Jam label, L.A. Reid, to intervene.

"Mariah wishes she could sue Eminem for slander," says the snitch. "But it's his freedom of speech."

Ill will has continued to simmer between the recording stars, even though they seem to have had the briefest of affairs in 2001.

YourTango’s Take
Note to self: Eminem carries a grudge. Sure most musicians are fueled creatively by their hatred of ex-loves, but this may be a bit extreme. Or not. It’s hardly a stretch that Em thinks Mariah Carey is crazy. He’s met her and seen her, so he’s probably got a pretty good idea of what he’s getting into. For you fans of 30 Rock, we think Mariah is most like the character Jenna, always trying to show us her… sexuality. And not getting the best results in the process. She must be a little nervous about what Eminem is going to say. As would all of us if what we say in private is aired publicly. This is not going to end well. LA Reid’s response is priceless. He clearly knows how crazy she is and really doesn’t want any part of this.

Other Celebrity Relationship News
Star Magazine is reporting that Kevin Federline has impregnated ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson with a baby. What if this whole Britney fiasco was part of their master plan to A) get money (stupid prenup); B) gain PR for K-Fed’s rap career and C) give Shar’s uterus a rest. Well one out of three ain’t bad. Who knew that these two were so cagey?

US Weekly is reporting that Shar Jackson is not pregnant by Kevin Federline. Oh, well. We don’t know what to believe anymore. This has really destroyed our faith in the celebrity gossip biz. Oh, who do we believe?

No word on the Eddie Murphy paternity test. Though TMZ is reporting that while Mel B’s baby (Iris-Angel Murphy Brown) does have his last name on the birth certificate, but the space for father is conspicuously empty. Odd indeedy.

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