More Couples Documenting The Wedding Process Online

More Couples Documenting The Wedding Process Online


From The Wall Street Journal By Rachel Dodes

Jogging in Atlanta a year ago, Chris Tuff tripped and fell. As his girlfriend, Julie Augustyniak, tried to help him up, Tuff, already on bended knee, pulled a diamond ring from his gym shorts.

"Julie, I love you more than anything in the world," he said.

Unbeknownst to Augustyniak, a cameraman lurking in a parked car nearby zoomed in and recorded her running into the street, screaming. She eventually calmed down enough to say yes -- on camera.

In case you missed this scene, you can now watch it on the couple's wedding Web site, At the bottom of their home page is a poll asking guests whether posting the engagement video online is a) very cute, b) cheesy, c) classic, or d) Chris' idea.

Wedding Web sites -- also known as "Wed sites" -- were originally conceived as a convenient way for couples to notify guests of wedding events, provide directions and link to gift registries. Now they are turning into elaborate hubs of matrimonial exhibitionism, with confessional stories, courtship videos, and blow-by-blow accounts of the preparations.

In the "News and Updates" section on her Web site, bride-to-be Monika Razpotnik griped that making her own centerpieces was "a disaster," finding a band was "a nightmare," and looking for a dress was "a total disappointment."

Tango’s Take Andy Kaufman or Andy Richter or Andy Warhol once said that in the future everyone is famous for 15 minutes. It looks like the future is upon us (all up on us) and companies cannot wait to exploit our desire to exploit ourselves. So these websites are all about making your close, personal friends on the world wide web privy to the intimate details of the run-up to your wedding. Well, we all have stories. This has to be of some cathartic benefit to couples. We wonder how many weddings are going to be cancelled because of these. Either a party airs a secret grievance or lets too much of the truth out or someone’s parents see that their princess was proposed to by some yahoo in a banana hammock with “Wil U Mery Me?” written on a banner while he rollerblades past her.

Speaking of brides-to-be exploiting themselves, check out the video below of brides having a cake-eating contest in their gowns. Why is there something so funny about people in formal attire getting messy? It’s like in any 80’s movie you’re just dying to see someone shove the guy wearing a tuxedo into the pool.

Video Of Brides Eating Cake

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