The Wedding Ring Casket Is Now Available For Purchase

This one’s all Tango’s Take, kids. For $30 (slightly more if you opt for engraving) you can get a miniature coffin to put a wedding ring into after a divorce. This divorce ring casket can be either rest forever more in either the lid-open or lid-closed position. Either way the only things that could be more jarring on the mantle for a future date would be Aunt Esther’s ashes or a taxidermy-ed former pet.
When we first read about this product, we initially thought that it would be a replacement for a Tiffany’s box; you know a little joke. “Will you marry me? Ha ha ha! It looks like my days are numbered, hoo boy.” That's a little cliche, but it borders on tolerable.
We’ve heard about people melting down rings and turning them into other pieces of jewelry, we’ve heard of people pawning rings and we’ve even heard of people dropping them to the bottom of Lake Michigan. But making a shrine of a ruined marriage seems more spiteful than triumphant. Unless you can think of really clever engraving (“Here lies my marriage, it died saving it’s family from a sinking battleship”), this seems like a serious bit of bad karma.

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