Do It Together: Surfing Lessons For Two

Do It Together: Surfing Lessons For Two

  You're really ripping it, honey. Cowabunga!

From Global Surfersvillage

The brainchild of surf entrepreneur Me-Shell Mijangos, a former professional snowboarder, SwellCo-ed builds on the success of her pioneering surf retreat for women, a program that has been the subject of international attention and that was recently endorsed by ATA Airlines Magazine.

Guests of SwellCo-ed spend seven days and six nights at an exclusive oceanfront resort exploring yoga and learning surf techniques on some of the most consistent waves in the world. The unique retreat was inspired in part by Me-Shell's personal story. She found love on a longboard, and was courted by her husband on the same waves where she teaches her guests to surf.

SwellCo-ed is designed both for first-time surfers eager to try the ancient sport in an atmosphere of supportive friendship, and for experienced surfers who want to share their passion for the waves. The vacation is suited to couples who want to surf together, and single adults interested in surfing with someone new.

Tango’s Take The couple that hangs ten together lives in Zen together. Sure that doesn’t mean anything (and probably made you dumber reading it), but judging from the debut of HBO’s (it’s not TV IT’S HBO) John From Cincinnati, there is something eastern and completely inexplicable about surfers and surfing. Tango has loooong thought that surf vacations were solid (see our article on single girl getaways). But now that there is couples camp for surfing, we are sold. We wonder if they assign some gender-based hierarchy. Can a woman be the Big Kahuana? Can a man be a Betty? Maybe John From Cincinnati can shed some light on these issues and perhaps develop a plot along the way.

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