New Breed Of Wealthy Women Earning For Themselves

New Breed Of Wealthy Women Earning For Themselves

Beverly got her wealth the old fashioned way, she earned it.

From Daily Mail By Steve Dought

A clear majority of female millionaires say they made their money from business

Marrying for money is no longer the main way for women to become rich, according to research.

Fewer than one in four female millionaires said that marrying a rich man was the major reason for their wealth.

The majority said they earned their own money from starting a business or making investments.

The findings of the survey, by private banking service Barclays Wealth Management, suggest that women are increasingly adept at making a fortune independently.

Economists have predicted that there will be more female millionaires than male by 2020.

The Centre for Economics and Business Research found last year that women now make up 46 per cent of the 370,000 millionaires in Britain. It predicted that they will overtake men to reach 53 per cent by 2020.

Tango’s Take When you marry for money, you earn every penny of it. Money is equated with power and equality is pretty important in any relationship. You have to wonder (much like with rich men) how many of these women come from wealthy families or had wealthy spouses that afforded them opportunities to make money? That is, it’s a lot to become a superstar and take your lumps if you know you have a safety net. We would like to see a similar study (and trend) in the US. Where’s Oprah with these numbers?

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