Romance Foists Itself On Unsuspecting Travelers

Romance Foists Itself On Unsuspecting Travelers

Well babe, I guess we'll all have always have beautiful Cleveland.



Three-quarters of travellers have experienced a holiday romance in some shape or form, according to new research.

This compares with the statistic that just 59 per cent of holidaymakers claim to expect a romance while away, the study by revealed.

About 13 per cent of the travellers surveyed have had a serious romance on a holiday, while almost two-thirds of those who had some form of relationship said they had a short fling - despite just half expecting to encounter such a romance.

Tango’s Take Sure, this is traveling website and somewhat biased given that the participants are all travelers, but this is an interesting survey nonetheless. It’s pretty amazing that 59% of travelers EXPECT romance on holiday. We’ve coined the term ‘holidating’ to describe this phenomenon. The survey goes on to mention that teenagers are most likely to find romance on the road. This also goes for American teens, but be sure to be skeptical of any nerdy teens claiming to have a Canadian girlfriend.

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