Eddie Murphy To Take A Paternity Test

Eddie Murphy To Take A Paternity Test

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Eddie Murphy will undergo a DNA test to today (11.06.07) to determine whether he is the father of Mel B's baby.

Eddie has continually denied claims he is the father of two-month-old Angel Iris, after splitting with Mel while she was pregnant.

The 'Dreamgirls' actor has now been ordered to appear in a US court to provide a DNA test after Mel sought legal action to resolve the dispute.

A source told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "If he tries to duck out of this test there will be all hell to pay. This isn't just another girlfriend he is messing around, this is his own flesh and blood.

"Mel knows the baby is Eddie's and can't believe it has got to the point where she has to force him to acknowledge there is a chance he could be the father.

Tango’s Take In all cases of mistaken paternity, why is this not the immediate solution? DNA tests are exceedingly accurate and the issue can be settled once and for all. And sometimes the participants are not 100% sure if they are right. This is how every episode of Jerry Springer goes down. We’re watching this pretty closely and the whole thing is a little squirrelly. Either Eddie Murphy is crazy or he knows he’s shooting blanks for him to be dragging his feet like this. Or maybe there is something else that we just don’t know about…hmmm.

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