Polygamists Give “Big Love” Mixed Reviews

Polygamists Give “Big Love” Mixed Reviews

From Reuters By Jason Szep

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah - As "Big Love" enters a second season Monday, the HBO series about a fictional polygamous family is inspiring emotions from pride to fury among real polygamists where the show is set in a Salt Lake City suburb.

"There's a certain truth to it," said Anne Wilde, a 71-year-old widow who was part of a family of plural wives for 33 years.

"Here's a family of three wives that lives in the community and they just blend into the neighborhood, although they don't say too much about it."

But Wilde said she blocks her eyes when scenes get intimate and bridles at the show's trademark sexual tension, saying it's too racy for many of the estimated 37,000 fundamentalist Mormons who practice polygamy in Utah and Arizona.

Tango’s Take Big Love. Bill Paxton (or Bill Pullman, we can never tell) stars as a Mormon man married to three beautiful women. The show could have easily devolved into a Three’s Company-esque episodic tale of misunderstandings and veiled innuendo. Instead, the show makes the whole affair a down-to-earth look at what it might be like to live next door to your husbands other wives and families. Most of the complaints about the show are that it is somewhat unrealistic. It looks like those knuckleheads in Hollywood sacrificed a bit of veracity to make the story more compelling. How dare they, right? Well at least no one can say that it’s not as good as the book.

Speaking of HBO serials, The Sopranos closed last night. Not to give too much away, but the finale was not great, though the final scene was nerve-racking. We’ve never known Journey to be so ominous. No outcome would have really satisfied all of the die-hard fans of the show. David Chase said that he had the ending in mind since the beginning, glad that he stuck to his guns.

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