Author Sues `Knocked Up’ Director Judd Apatow

From The Associated Press

LOS ANGELES -- A Canadian author has sued NBC Universal and director Judd Apatow claiming they ripped off the premise of the hit movie "Knocked Up" from her book of the same name.

In an article for Maclean's magazine this month, Calgary-based author Rebecca Eckler details similarities between her book and the film, in which an up-and-coming TV reporter gets drunk at a party and then gets pregnant from a one-night stand.

Eckler writes that in her 2004 book, she's an up-and-coming newspaper reporter who gets drunk and "knocked up" after celebrating at her engagement party.

She claims that while pitching her book to Hollywood producers, she learned of Apatow's project and the script, which she says had on it a picture of a martini glass with a pacifier around the stem _ the same as the cover of her book.

Tango’s Take

Not good. Tango Motion Pictures was planning on launching its feature film venture with a little film called Knocked Out. It’s about an intrepid, young, up-and-coming blogger who impregnates a girl from the other side of the tracks (the good side) on the eve of his big promotion. Back to the drawing board. This is a tough case for Rebecca Eckler to prove. Everyone has a friend whose life got turned around because of one night of heavy imbibing. Sometimes they get pregnant and sometimes they trade their Jeep for a handful of magic beans and go on a crazy adventure. The good news is that the film is going to make oodles of money. They could probably get her to settle for a few hundred grand. Or use the full weight of that cash to hire the greatest copyright law team that money can buy. Maybe her next book will be called Screwed Over.

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