Jailed Groom Nearly Misses Wedding Because Of Bachelor Party Stunt

Jailed Groom Nearly Misses Wedding Because Of Bachelor Party Stunt


From Telegraph.co.uk By Nick Britten

A groom who was likely to miss his wedding after being jailed for two months in Slovakia for jumping naked into a fountain on his stag night has been released from prison.

Stephen Mallone, 25, stripped off and leapt into the fountain in Bratislava after being egged on by his friends at the end of a day's drinking.

He was arrested and said he was told by police he would be freed the following day once he had sobered up. But he was horrified a few hours later to find himself being fast-tracked through the Slovakian courts and jailed for two months.

But following pleas by his parents and British diplomats, the self-employed builder from Worcester, central England, was set free and looks likely to make it to church on time.

Tango’s Take We’ve always said that the Slovakian justice system is firm. Firm but fair. Americans get a bad rap as far as tourists are concerned. Several films have even been made about American travelers getting their comeuppance (Touristas, Hostel, Hostel 2, National Lampoon’s European Vacation, et cetera). But you never hear about an American getting stuck in some Slovakian prison because of a bachelor party stunt gone wrong. It could be that most Americans couldn’t find Slovakia on a map. Or it could be that our stag parties take place in Las Vegas and they’re pretty lenient about these things (what happens in Vegas, does something). The good news is that Mr. Mallone got out in time for the wedding. What do you think the odds are that his wife will let him drink on their honeymoon? “I will just leave you in the Thai prison, I am not even joking, buddy.”

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