Jennifer Aniston and Kelly Rowland Anglophiles?


Actresses said to be dating Brits.

People Magazine (and now everyone else) is reporting that Jennifer Aniston has a new romantic lead. They say that she is dating Paul Sculfor, a 36 year-old British model. We’re not going to reserve judgment on this one. The Aniston man-a-coaster has had too many ups and downs in the past few months for us to believe anything. Let’s recap: she was going the Julia Roberts route and dating some cameraman, then she was back with Vince Vaugh, then she was playing the field, then there was an ‘exploratory date’ with Orlando Bloom, there was even a rumor of reconciliation with Brad Pitt. And now this, some good-looking British dude. Just do what you want. Let us know if when she gets married or has a baby on deck.

According to The Sun, The Destiny’s Child star has been seeing the soccer player for a couple of months. It looks like her breakup with Dallas Cowboy Roy Williams was only a bump in the road for this football-loving lady.

It looks like they met at one of her shows and they’ve been hanging out while she promotes her newest record.