Financial Planning For A Wedding May Not Be Sexy But Is Pretty Smart

Financial Planning For A Wedding May Not Be Sexy But Is Pretty Smart

The Chapel-o-Love may not be a bad choice, on a budget.

From Kiplinger By Lisa Dixon

Weddings can be fun, happy occasions for family and friends. But as anyone who has ever planned a wedding knows, the lead-up to the joyful occasion can be stressful for the intended couple, with all the prenuptial decisions to be made and the many little budget surprises that can spring up around event planning.

What to do? Here's our guide to smart planning for your wedding -- to help ease the trip down the aisle and get your financial lives together off on the right foot.

Rule No. 1: Plan to shoulder some of the costs yourself.

No. 2: Discuss money early.

No. 3: Keep your perspective.

No. 4: Don't let the veil blind you to the possibilities of saving money.

No. 5: Enjoy the wedding season.

Tango’s Take Okay. This is a little more service-oriented than we like to engage in. But the advice is sound. It’s fairly shocking that only 30% of weddings are fully bankrolled by parents. Even more shocking is that almost a third of weddings are fully paid for by the couple. This may just be fallout from people getting married later and feeling weird about mom and dad picking up the tab. If money is an issue, we advocate destination weddings. The couple can hang out with their best friends for a few days somewhere tropical and only pay what the guests pay. In some cases, the resort will comp the betrothed if they bring enough guests. Good times. If you’re in the early stages of planning a wedding give the link below a click.

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