Jessica Simpson And John Mayer Are, Yawn, Done

Jessica Simpson And John Mayer Are, Yawn, Done


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Matters of the heart are never easy. We all know that breaking up is hard to do. But what happens when those whose relationship was volatile and rocky from the very start? Is breaking up harder for those who do it on a weekly basis?

It's that time again, People Magazine reports.

Jessica Simpson and John Mayer have once again officially called it quits and supposedly, this time is it. Then again, every time they seem to call it quits for good so who can tell other than the two of themselves?

A source close to John Mayer told People Magazine that his close to a year relationship with Simpson is "definitely over" and that whatever it was romantically that the two of them had "has ended." The source also went on by telling People Magazine that their relationship had been "rocky" and still remains "rocky" even with the two of them at the end of their romantic road.

Tango’s Take We’re getting a little tired of these yo-yo relationships. Somehow, John Mayer and Jessica Simpson are even less stable than Pete Doherty and Kate Moss. We know that sometimes it takes a few breakups to stay broken up. We also know that sometimes good relationships take a few breakups before they stick. But this is getting a little silly. We think we’ll take a hiatus on John Mayer + Jessica Simpson. Let us know what the situation is in mid-July.

Also in celebrity news: Another celebrity that we might have to place a coverage moratorium upon: Cameron Diaz. There was a rumor somewhere or the other that she is hooked up with hotelier and Uma Thurman ex-boyf, Andre Balazs. This is going to come as a shock to illusionist Criss Angel. Who professed his love to Diaz after completing a recent stunt. See the Dish from June 6th (scroll down) on that one.

Supposedly Calista Flockhart is not looking to get married to Harrison Ford any time soon even after he allegedly got her a part as the love interest in the next Indiana Jones installment.

And Paris Hilton has been let out of jail to serve the remainder of her time under house arrest. No word yet when Scooter Libby will be joining her.

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