Study: Children Of Divorce Twice As Likely To Be Put On Ritalin

Study: Children Of Divorce Twice As Likely To Be Put On Ritalin

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From Canadian Press By Helen Branswell

Children whose parents divorce are nearly twice as likely to be prescribed Ritalin in the aftermath of the split, a Canadian study reports.

But the author, a sociologist from the University of Alberta, cautions against concluding that children of divorce are over-prescribed the drug, which is used to treat Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD.

Lisa Strohschein says the data she used can only identify the phenomenon and cannot reveal why Ritalin use rates are double when children of divorced parents are compared to children whose parents stay married.

Tango’s Take The article mentions that they know the ‘what’ of the problem but not the ‘why.’ The ‘what’ is that children of divorces are twice as likely to be put on Ritalin. Please allow us to put on our pop psychologist hats. Our ‘why’ is three-fold. 1) These kids need attention and divorcing parents can’t give it them. They need to act out to get some ears and eyes on them. 2) Divorces are fairly stressful. The last thing parents need to worry about is some kid bouncing off the walls. Medicate the little buggers. 3) Maybe people who get divorces have shorter attention spans and they pass down those traits to their kids. Quite a theory, huh?

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