Is The Sex and the City Movie Going Forward?


From E! Online

Okay, either the mushrooms in my salad were spiked, or I just saw Sarah Jessica Parker on tonight's Entertainment Tonight announce that the Sex and the City movie is...wait for it, wait for it...a go!

Can you stand it? I do believe we may have just received the good news we SATC fans have been waiting for!

In the ET interview, in which our beloved fashion plate SJP talks about the launch of her clothing line (available tomorrow), she breaks the news that the Sex and the City movie will happen and that they're "finally ready."

Tango’s Take
“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Oh my god! It’s happening! Wooooooooooo!”
Now that we have the standard women’s mag reaction out of the way, we can get down to brass tacks. This movie has been in purgatory since the series ended. The Dish was able to bump into Candace Bushnell a few months back and the movie was supposedly dead in the water then. She seemed more amped about The Lipstick Jungle TV program due out in the fall (with Brooke Shields supposedly in the lead). Word on the street is that Kim Cattrall was the last holdout. You would have thought SJP would be the holdout, being the biggest star and all. This is eerily similar to Sporty Spice being the lone holdout on a Spice Girls reunion. You would think that Posh Spice would be the holdout, with her Beckham money. We mentioned in the Dish on June 4th that Kim Cattrall is dating a much younger fellow and has no intention of marrying. Maybe she realized that she needs one last turn as Samantha.

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