Larry and Laurie David Call It Quits

Larry and Laurie David Call It Quits


From TMZ

Crankypants "Seinfeld" co-creator Larry David and tree-hugging activist wife Laurie David are calling it quits on their marriage.

Larry and Laurie have separated after 14 years -- and two children -- according to Page Six. Though the Post's report says that the official word is "very amicable, and no other parties are involved," the announcement follows closely upon "An Inconvenient Truth" co-producer Laurie's well-publicized tour of the US with rocker Sheryl Crow, who just adopted a child.

Tango’s Take
The Davids aren’t discussing the reason behind the split, but if we know Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm, and we think we do, it was probably over something relatively minor. Our best guess is that Larry David was sick and tired of the similarity in their names. How irritating would it be for you to ask everyone calling for the guy (Lahr-ee) or the gal (Lore-ee)? Would a woman named Jamie ever marry a guy named Jamie? Wouldn’t it just be agreed upon that he change his name to James? This could fuel a huge new creative endeavor for Larry. Nothing really raises ire like a divorce, even when amicable. So far there has been no news on how Cheryl Hines (who plays Larry’s wife on Curb Your Enthusiasm) is reacting.

Also, after defying death in the center of a cube of glass suspended forty feet above Times Square, magician Criss Angel gave a shout-out to lover Cameron Diaz. So, it looks like we are wrong about the Diaz-Angel connection. Unless he’s confused about the whole thing.

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