Brain Researcher Suggests That Good Sex Is All In Your Head

Brain Researcher Suggests That Good Sex Is All In Your Head


From McClatchy Newspapers By Alison Roberts

Size does matter where sexual satisfaction is concerned, according to Dr. Daniel Amen.

It has nothing to do with the enlargement offers by e-mail.

Instead, it involves the "big B."

"To have a great sex life, you have to have a great brain," Amen said recently from his home in Newport Beach, Calif.

Brain greatness, he explained, requires avoiding activities, including the abuse of drugs and alcohol, that might literally shrink the brain.

In the past 18 years, the clinical psychiatrist and brain-imaging expert has opened four Amen Clinics -- where brain scans are used to evaluate patients. (Hundreds of brain scans can be found at

His latest book, Sex on the Brain: 12 Lessons To Enhance Your Love Life, supplements his growing catalog -- including Change Your Brain, Change Your Life and Making a Good Brain Great.

Tango’s Take Some nerd writes a book about the brain being more important for pleasurable sex than the traditional organs. Weird. We’ll give Dr. Scanny McBrainSex the benefit of the doubt. We’ve long suspected alcohol and drug abuse could have negative effects on people’s sex life. We just figured that all the blood typically reserved for erections and regional sensitivity is instead being used by the brain to help process the new colors and imaginary friends induced by a peyote trip. Dr. Amen also believes visualization is a valuable tool for squaring away relationship problems. Let’s remember that this is the guy who also thinks that going into space may have physically altered Lisa Nowak’s (astronaut + diaper) brain chemistry causing her to freak out. Check out our last Dish on the brain-sex connection.

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