Kim Cattrall Not Planning On Getting Married

Kim Cattrall Not Planning On Getting Married

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She says, "I think it's the end of those last few pounds, I hope. Probably won't happen until I stop breastfeeding!" Kim Cattrall's No To Marriage.

Former Sex and the City star KIM CATTRALL has ruled out marriage to her toyboy lover, despite being head-over-heels in love with the Canadian chef.

The 50-year-old beauty, who has been married three times already, claims boyfriend Alan Wyse, 29, is absolutely "terrific" but fears a formal commitment could jeopardise their present happiness.

Cattrall says, "I love him, he's terrific. We have a really wonderful relationship and he cooks - he doesn't clean up but he cooks.

Tango’s Take Does Kim Cattrall become a little more like her character from Sex And The City every day? Younger man? Check. Cavalier attitude towards intercourse? Check. Mild disdain for the institution of marriage? Check and check. Someone needs to find Kim C. a new role. She’s a gorgeous woman and could easily play 15 years younger than her biological age. Maybe a content housewife with a side business running guns for Yakuza mobsters would do it. We just don’t want her to spend her whole life embodying the Samantha character. It’s time to break out, Kim.

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