Iranian Interior Minister Backing Temporary Marriage Initiative

Iranian Interior Minister Backing Temporary Marriage Initiative

This article is about Iran and we're in Dubai.

From Associated Press Writer By Ali Akbar Dareini

TEHRAN, Iran --
Iran's hard-line interior minister is encouraging temporary marriages as a way to avoid extramarital sex, a stance many in this conservative country fear would instead encourage prostitution.

A temporary marriage, or "sigheh," refers to a Shiite Muslim tradition under which a man and a woman sign a contract that allows them to be "married" for any length of time, even a few hours. An exchange of money, as a sort of dowry, is often involved.

Although the practice exists, it's not very common in Iran, a Shiite majority nation where many consider it a license for prostitution. Others, however, have advocated institutionalizing the tradition, saying it would help fight "illicit" sex in a country where sexual relations outside marriage are banned under Islamic law.

Tango’s Take This one requires a bit of delicacy. Religion has as many questions as it has answers, but one thing we all know is that young men like sex. Denying them some manner of 'outlet' is playing with fire. That’s how Spanish Inquisitions get started. In order to keep the streets from being overrun by gangs of seriously unhappy young men, someone had to come up with a solution. And their solution is temporary marriage, i.e. a contractual agreement is entered into, money changes hands and both parties amicably walk away after a specified period of time. Sounds a smidge like prostitution. Granted no one has the authority to change the immutable laws of a religion, but, it might be helpful if a select handful of dudes weren’t allowed many wives while some poor fellows got nothing. This could just be an evolution issue, powerful guys get girls while the poor guys get nada.

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