Calif. Bill Gives Men, Same-Sex Couples Same Rights as Women to Choose Surname

Don Haderson, Chuck Playerton. I now pronounce you Chuck and Don Playerhader.

From USA Today

Lawmakers in California are considering a bill that would make it easier for same-sex partners and married men to change surnames.

The proposed law would be the first in the USA to give domestic partners the same rights as married women -- and, in a few states, men -- when it comes to changing their last name. (Read bill AB102.)

"We think this is just another way for domestic partners to get the privilege of marriage without actually marrying," Karen England, executive director of the Capitol Resource Institute, tells the San Francisco Chronicle. "It's just another incremental move to equate homosexual marriage with traditional marriage."

But proponents of the measure say it can take a lot of time and cost a lot of money for anyone other than a married woman to change surnames. This includes married couples who want to create a new name together.

Tango’s Take
Yawn. Old news. This is the United States of America. If a couple of crazy kids want to cheapen their ancestry by making up a ridiculous last name (Nicholas Cage) that’s their business. They can drop their last name for all we care (thanks, Madonna). Or get rid of a name altogether (Artist Formerly Known as Prince). All of that seems a little gimmicky to us. It’s amazing that the home of Hollywood, the greatest bastion for personal name changes, would even require legislation like this. They should pass a bill that makes it illegal to change pet names. We shouldn’t be confusing those poor critters, especially when Bob Barker (who is retiring fromm The Price Is Right) has more time on his hands to spay AND neuter.

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