Brittany Murphy Bought Her Own Engagement Ring

Brittany Murphy Bought Her Own Engagement Ring

From Entertainment Wise

From one Britney to another Brittany, disorder seems to be following them! This time we are talking about Miss Murphy, or maybe we should now refer to her as Mrs. Monjack?

After marrying 'Factory Girl' executive producer and writer Simon Monjack in April after only dating for four months, friends and family are concerned about the effect his dodgy dealings (including two warrants for his arrest in Virginia for alleged credit-card theft and fraud, an unpaid $6,087 legal bill, and a $502,910 judgment against him by a British investment firm) will take on the star of, er, 'Just Married'.

Tango’s Take See the Dish from May 8th (look towards the bottom) for a little background on Brittany Murphy’s marriage to Simon Monjack. We were psyched to see that she was not hooked up with a co-star this time around (though Monjack or SMj, if you will, is actually a producer of one of her recent films). It’s possible that SMj is being vilified here or someone’s out to get him, but when these stack up it looks more and more like he may be up to no good. Us Weekly also mentioned that SMj bought an diamond engagement ring for his last girlfriend, Taira Rafiq, that turned out to be Cubic Zirconium. Maybe Brittany Murphy made the right move by purchasing her own ring. The article mentions that she bailed him out of jail for a visa (staying in the country visa, not his alleged credit card who-done-it) and they may have only married to keep him in the country. This list of dings probably makes people unbelievably grateful that their spouses only stole a car that one time or forgot to call on their birthday or accidentally lost that sex tape.
Us Weekly also reports that things are going really well for Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal. Great news guys! That may be the kiss of death though, like when a sports owner gives the coach a public vote of confidence, ‘Coach Johnny’s a winner, we brought him here to win games, he’s got my confidence and we’re going to get the ball club where we need it together.’

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