Sterility Among Bulgarian Couples Due To Careless Men In Most Cases

Sterility Among Bulgarian Couples Due To Careless Men In Most Cases

I will stop working with my computer on my lap for 12 hours at a stretch while huffing paint thinner. Then we will have all the babies you want.

From Novinite.com

In Bulgaria sterility among couples is due to the man in 2/3 of the cases, it became clear Tuesday at a press conference on the issue.

Statistics show that around 230,000 Bulgarian couples cannot have children because of sterility, which is in almost all cases the man's problem.

The most prone to sterility are the men who work with computers and spend more than eight hours daily in front of the PC monitor. The other group of men that are in risk of getting unable to create offspring are the drivers and people who work with petroleum products.
Tango’s Take We are not going to make any derisive comments about the grammar, they are not native English speakers or anything that resembles English, we’ll just be happy that it makes some sense.
We really couldn’t resist this article because of its title. We picture these ruthlessly drunk Bulgarian men falling out of bed, not (uh) finishing in the proper place, maiming their genitals in wrestling incidents and so forth. No such luck, the Bulgarian dudes that are failing to populate the next generation are victims of modern maladies rather than hilarious, Borat-eque, medieval tomfoolery. They have a hard time conceiving for the same reasons we do: alcohol, smoking, petrochemicals (whaaaat?), stress and computers. We would still suggest protecting your crotch from kids looking to make Bulgaria’s Funniest Home Video with a wiffle ball bat.
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