Chinese Dating Websites Accused Of Prostitution

From All Headline News By Josephine Roque Beijing, China (AHN)

China's Internet watchdog has issued a warning to 12 dating websites in Beijing accused of promoting prostitution. The websites were given a deadline to change the content of their sites by June 1. One of the lonely-hearts dating websites showed a posting from a young woman describing herself as a "professional pleasure giver." "The outrageous pimping content in some websites is very shocking," said the Beijing Online News and Information Panel, consisting of government officials, experts and representatives of netizens.

Tango’s Take Aren’t all dating sites a little like prostitution? No? Isn’t the whole concept of dating a little like prostitution? You know, I do this thing, buy this, say that and you climb into the sack? No? Sex columnist Dan Savage once said that the whole concept of ‘society’ is based on the idea that powerful, successful dudes getting lots of women. It’s probably for the best that the Chinese are cracking down on sites pimpin’ so brazenly. Here in the States we get our whores properly, on Craigslist. Read More Of The Original Article…

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