Woman Asked To Choose Between Church And Side Job Selling Smut

Woman Asked To Choose Between Church And Side Job Selling Smut


From ABC Affiliate WCPO

A Wisconsin woman has a choice to make; either quit her job working for a Loveland-based company or lose her job working at her church.

The ultimatum was given to Linette Servais by her priest at St. Joseph Catholic Church in New Granken, Wisconsin.

The priest says working as a sales rep for Pure Romance is incompatible with her faith, but Servais argues that selling spa products and sex toys helps empower women and strengthen their marriages.

Tango’s Take It’s fair to say that the church has long been against masturbating. And a cynic may say that they have only a passing interest in the sexual pleasure of women. And most people would hazard a guess that they don’t want a woman selling products for women to use to masturbate in church. Our guess is Ms. Servais is not selling any product on church grounds or at church functions. And most church-goers are probably OK with her extra-income activities. Based on the three or four short paragraphs we have to go on, we’re not convinced that the priest is sold on this ultimatum. He was probably willing to let bygones be bygones. But some Maude Flanders (God rest her soul) threatened to go to the Cardinal and had the rest of the churchy women in the parish convinced that there would be a domino-effect. ‘First they teach women to beat off and next we’re giving abortions in the church parking lot.’ Tango’s willing to be all manner of ‘sinners’ have been allowed to stay in the Catholic church, from strippers to politicians with ambiguous stances on gay marriage to teenagers that think the wafer is just a wafer and the wine is just wine. If this lady can keep her Hello Kitty vibrators out of the pews then the church can be happy if she tithes the money she earns from selling massage oil.

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