MTV Feels The Need To Keep Cameron Diaz And Jessica Biel Separate During Movie Awards

From New York Post’s Page Six
By Richard Johnson

HANDLERS are working overtime to prevent any drama between Cameron Diaz and Jessica Biel at the June 3 MTV Movie Awards, where the dueling divas will meet for the first time since their Golden Globe dust-up last winter.

In January, Page Six reported that Diaz "blew up" at her then-recent ex, Justin Timberlake, when she spotted him flirting with his now-girlfriend Biel at an after-party at the Beverly Hills Hotel. This Sunday, the love triangle will reunite for the first time since the incident - on live TV.

Sources revealed that Diaz and Biel are both presenting awards at the ceremony, while Timberlake is nominated for best breakthrough performance for his role in "Alpha Dog."

"Everyone is determined to keep Cam and Jess far apart," said our insider. And Timberlake isn't helping by keeping mum as to how he'll walk the carpet, solo or with Biel.

Tango’s Take
Do you think that some producers at MTV are secretly hoping for a Hasselbeck-O’Donnell-style donnybrook during the movie awards? The show is tape delayed, so they could secretly film the confrontation and leak news of it. The trick would be preventing any of the footage from slipping out earlier. But they could have t-shirts and viral videos and games ready—they could shoot from multiple angles. They can only hope that somehow they can force these two into a situation and hope that they react. But these people did invent the television genre best known for contrived situations and predictable outcomes (please see The Real World, Road Rules, and the Real World vs. Road Rules Challenge, not to mention The Inferno). At any rate, this brings up interesting relationship questions: what is the proper way to treat exes’ new sex partners? When couples split who gets the friends? Do they split custody? When celebrities split who gets the red carpet treatment?

Also Paul Wolfowitz and his lady split up. And there, apparently, was some kerfluffle about Lindsay Lohan.
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