Study To Test Oxytocin Love Potion On Troubled Couples


From Nine MSN By Danielle Cahill Scientists will dose volunteers with a drug released in the brain during orgasm in a bid to find a cure for bad relationships, as part of a groundbreaking study at the University of New South Wales. Researchers at the university will test the effect of the hormone oxytocin, which increases social skills and sexual pleasure, on couples with communication problems. The naturally-occuring hormone will be given to participants as a nasal spray along with counselling sessions over a six-week period, clinical psychologist Adam Guastella said. "We'll give feedback to couples on areas we think may be strengths and weaknesses," he said. Couples will then be given specific strategies to deal with the negative aspects of their relationship. "We're targeting specific changeable behaviours. We're trying to be very specific so that couples have the most chance of success." "For couples in the mild to moderate distress range, a five-week assessment and feedback program has been found to be just as effective as longer-term therapy."

Tango’s Take Oxytocin has been the hot hormone the last couple of years. All we’ve been hearing is prairie vole this and prairie vole that. Well this study is just what we need to figure out if the prairie vole monogamy cocktail is good for keeping people together too. The study thinks that a short session could be highly effective for mildly stressed couples. We’re excited to see the outcome of this trial but we continue to keep in mind that therapists once said one trip on ecstasy (MDMA) was worth six months of therapy. We had them to thank for ravers, glow sticks and several genres of intolerable music. Let’s hope that the next generation of kids don’t start using oxytocin recreationally, otherwise we’re facing a generation of fox-trotting, sweater vest-wearing monogamists. Read More Of The Original Article…

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