After Divorce, Men Twice As Likely To Experience Depression

From Stats Canada

Men are nearly twice as more likely to suffer from depression after they break up with their spouse, according to a Canadian study released Tuesday. While both men and women whose marriages have dissolved have a higher risk of being depressed than people who remained with their spouses, the Statistics Canada study found that men who had divorced or separated were six times more likely to report an episode of depression compared with men who remained married. By contrast, divorced or separated women were only 3.5 times more likely to experience depression than those still in a relationship, the study found. Men are therefore nearly twice as likely to experience depression after a divorce or breakup than women.

Tango’s Take Before you say; ‘Hey, what does this have to do with us, we live in America?’ a similar study was conducted in America a few months ago. It turns out that we have a lot in common with our neighbors to the north. Sure there are differences, affinity for hockey, socialized medicine, French Quebec (to name a few) but American men get just as sad after divorce. In fact, men are (according to recent research) eight times as likely to commit suicide after divorce as women. And older men also don’t survive as widowers for very long and have a tendency to develop dementia. What gives? Men are supposed to be the less social gender, but it looks like they don’t do so well on their own either. Maybe brooding about things isn’t so healthy after all. Read More Of The Original Article...