British Insurance Magnate's Wife Gets $96 Million Divorce Settlement

British Insurance Magnate's Wife Gets $96 Million Divorce Se

From Daily Mail

John Charman: The former family home and payout winner Beverly Charman

A woman who today won a £48million divorce battle smiled as she said: "I know it's a huge sum but it's fair."

Standing outside the Appeal Court, Beverley Charman, 53, insisted she deserved every penny.

But the size of the settlement confirms London as "the divorce capital of the world" and experts fear it could lead to "divorce tourism" by ex-wives seeking bumper payouts.

It will also be a boost for Heather Mills in her fight for a share of Paul McCartney's £800 million fortune - Ms Mills and Mrs Charman share the same QC.

Insurance magnate John Charman, 54, was not present for the hearing but his legal team pledged to take the fight to Lords for a final decision on "important points of principle".

Tango’s Take This has been a trend in the UK for some time. Many Russian oligarchs (robber barons making their fortune on the privatization of Soviet state-owned businesses) have moved to Britain (Londongrad as the diaspora is sometimes called) to escape persecution—and prosecution—by Russian President Putin. Now many of them have bigger problems to worry about (in addition to Uranium poisoning). Those who are interested in ending their marriages are forced to end their unions under British law. So half of their aluminum, natural gas or bauxite empires are going to their newly Anglicized wives. Mrs. Charman’s payout will amount to roughly $96 million. Which is about 2/3 of what Michael Jordan’s wife, Juanita, got. We have no idea what these families went through and how equitable the decisions are. But we can offer two bits of wisdom: 1) pre-nup; and 2) When you marry for money, you earn every penny of it.

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