What A Concept! Fertility Kit Helps Couples Get Pregnant

What A Concept! Fertility Kit Helps Couples Get Pregnant

From KGO By Carolyn Johnson

May 21 - KGO - As more couples delay childbearing, experts say infertility rates seem to be increasing. There is a range of medical treatments, including in vitro and artificial insemination. But some say a new low-tech treatment may be worth trying first.

It is a sobering statistic. Nearly one in five couples struggles with infertility.

Adrianne Diaz, Fertility Patient: "I have been actively trying, i would say , for about - for about the last year and a half, two years."

Janette Walker, MD/John Muir Ob-Gyn: "A lot of times it's unexplained, we can't really find a good reason why they can't get pregnant."

Adrianne: "They put me on Clomid and again I tried it and it didn't really work."

After two months of failed fertility drugs, Adrianne is coming to her doctor's office to try a new fertility device called the conception kit.

Walnut Creek ob-gyn Janette Walker says the concept is simple. After intercourse using a special condom semen is immediately transferred into a cervical cap.

Dr.Walker: "You pinch it shut and then you place it vaginally against your cervix and then it stays against your cervix for 6-8 hours."

Dr. Walker: "Basically it brings the sperm a higher concentration of the sperm much closer to the cervix, so more sperm can get into the uterus and find their way to the woman's egg and increase her chances of getting pregnant."

Eldon Shriock, MD, Pacific Fertility Center: "Compared to just placing the sperm in the top of the vagina or in the cervix - some people refer to that as turkey baster - this cap may have some benefit but those techniques probably aren't any more successful than having intercourse if that's an option."

Tango’s Take Well, at least they’re not taking the romance out of baby making. On first reading we thought that the ‘turkey baster’ was a move, not using a turkey baster for accurate placement of semen. Fun. It’s amazing that 20% of couples struggle with fertility. It makes sense though, couples are waiting longer to try, women are working more (and thus probably have higher stress-levels) and our food supply is full of hormones. The article’s test case, Adrianne, mentions that using the cervical cap is a good place to start because it can be done in the home and is not awkward. She must have a completely different definition of awkward than we do. Maybe she could just go back to having sex recreationally and let one ‘slip past the goalie’. Check out the Dish From March 23rd for another take on the home conception kit.
Note: Please don’t confuse the home conception kit with the home contraception kit.

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