Love And Learn: Most Couples Share Education Level

Love And Learn: Most Couples Share Education Level

Now I'm not ashamed to bring you to family reunions.

From CanWest News Service By Shannon Proudfoot

Increasing numbers of Canadians are marrying partners with the same level of education, a new Statistics Canada report shows.

As of 2001, 54 per cent of couples younger than 35 shared an educational level, a 12 per cent increase over 30 years earlier. In the U.S., 55 per cent of young couples had the same level of education in 2000, compared to 49 per cent in 1970.

The report speculates that a general rise in education, especially among women, may have contributed to this "educational homogamy," or the tendency of like to marry like. StatsCan notes that in 2001, 24 per cent of wives and 19 per cent of husbands in Canada had completed university, compared to just four and 10 per cent, respectively, in 1971.

The study, released Friday, found that Canadians are "deliberately basing their choice for a mate more and more on level of education."

Tango’s Take We mentioned a similar trend in The April 2nd Dish. The Canadians appear to be following the same trajectory. It only makes sense that more couples have the same education level as more women are college-bound than they were 30 years ago. Actually, women better educated than men these days. Despite any egalitarian sentiment to the contrary, it’s no surprise that people of the same educational class (and social class and economic class et al) are marrying each other. It’s well and good to talk about marrying someone out of your station, but it’s another thing altogether to bring some egghead PhD home for lasagna.

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