Are Jessica Simpson And John Mayer Reunited?

Are Jessica Simpson and John Mayer Reunited?

Jessica Simpson is done with her duties in Cannes and has gone back to NYC. Maybe she is hoping for reconciliation with her man John Mayer.

In Touch Weekly is reporting that John who was the one who initiated the split was seen leaving Jessica's hotel, the Soho Grand in New York, at noon today. "He was looking really happy," an eyewitness told the mag. "He couldn't stop smiling."

A pal of Jessica's confirms, "They definitely went on a date last night…She still loves him, but he's not stable," the friend explains.

Tango’s Take Sure we dropped the ball by not mentioning this last week, but it was a fairly late breaking development. Yes, John Mayer broke up with Jessica Simpson. He. Broke up. With her. Maybe she was a bit too jejune for his tastes. Maybe he thinks Jessica Alba is waiting for him. Maybe he just wants to find some rock and roll chiquita to share enjoy his brand of Dave Matthews’ music. Whatever the case, the breakup did not appear to last long according to In Touch. But these gossip mongers also have Jessica Simpson infatuated with Jude Law. This whole thing is going down soon after Joe Simpson (Jessica’s agent and crazy dad. Just use the pig-Latin version of his first name with the regular version of his last name to get an idea of  how crazy he is, thank you Mad magazine) gave John Mayer his implicit thumbs up. Maybe Mayer freaked out because squeaky-clean Nick Lachey never got approval and John needs to protect his rocker rep.

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