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Australian Court Orders Women To Pay For Thrown-Out Engagement Ring

Australian Court Orders Women To Pay For Thrown-Out Engagement Ring

From The Times

It was to be their big, fat Greek wedding.

It turned out to be his big fat compensation after the ring ended up in a dustbin.

And a big fat, age-old question has been answered by a court: Who gets the ring when an engagement is called off? The answer: Him.

In early August 2005, Vicki Pappas and Andrew Vacopoulos were blissfully in love. The couple, in their late 20s, exchanged rings at their Sydney engagement party.

Just 10 days later they were parting. The intended bride removed her A$15,500 (£6,000) ring from her finger and placed it on a coffee table in front of members of her family, telling her distraught fiancé: “The wedding is off. Here, take the ring, I don’t want it.”
Tango’s Take What a conundrum. Once you give someone a gift (and refuse to take it back when offered) it’s usually theirs to do with what they please. There are a few wrinkles to that rule however. The two immediately come to mind involve marriage: 1) Wedding gifts are to be returned if the marriage does not last a year; and 2) engagement rings are to be returned if the marriage does not take place. The soon-to-be groom was probably fairly shocked when his fair maiden broke it off with him and may have been trying to play it cool by letting her keep the ring. Much to his chagrin, she didn’t really want it hanging around either. And now she’s paying for it. This couple looks like they really could have used some form of engagement insurance. See The Dish from May 14th for a little bit on various matrimonial insurance policies.

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