Indian Bride Dismissed Husband as Too Dark and Changes Her Mind

Indian Bride Dismissed Husband as Too Dark and Changes Her Mind

C'mon Baby, we've already sent the invitations.

From Reuters

PATNA, India (Reuters) - Turned down for marriage due to his dark complexion, an Indian man staged a hunger strike outside his would be bride's house for two days before she finally relented, an official said Saturday.
Saral Prasad, the 23-year-old groom in eastern Bihar state, said he would not budge from the girl's village home after she refused to marry him earlier this week in an arranged marriage because he was too dark.
Rajani, 19, changed her mind after two days and the couple got married, Arun Kumar Mishra, a village council official said.
Tango’s Take This proves that there’s no relationship problem that can’t be overcome with steadfastness and determination—all it takes is a little persistence. But when does tenacity turn creepy? When does sleeping in a pair of urine-soaked pajamas on your beloved’s front porch stop being cute? When does holding a boom box over your head while it plays a Peter Gabriel ballad become reason to call the fuzz? Also, is there a formula that weighs certain intangibles (i.e. persistence and romantic attractiveness) against more obvious characteristics (i.e. complexion and bankroll)? Had this guy been too dark as well as too poor we’re guessing that it would have take four-dozen roses, wrestling a baboon and a hunger strike to win his beloved’s heart.

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