Traveling Minister Likely Headed Back To Jail For Bigamy

Traveling Minister Likely Headed Back To Jail For Bigamy

  How. Many. Wives. Do. You. Have?
From Associated Press

(AP) A traveling minister who served two years in prison on bigamy charges has been jailed again after at least four women said he proposed to them.

Officials also say there is no evidence that Bishop Anthony Owens, 35, divorced the eight wives he had married before going to prison.

A judge will decide whether Owens should go back to prison. Owens, who turned himself into the Gwinnett County jail April 30, declined to be interviewed.

But his new fiancees aren't keeping quiet.

Betty Dixon, 38, met him last March in a casino near Memphis.

"He was a slick talker," the nurse said. "He told me God had sent him to me and I needed help."

Nurse Cheryl Selmon, 48, says Owens proposed to her last October. A month later, he proposed to Darlene Keeler, 42, a manager of a gospel group.
Tango’s Take The best part of this story is that Owens definitively recalls divorcing some his wives, but he can’t remember which ones. Brilliant. You can’t make this stuff up. Before advancements in record keeping (and the sharing of those records) became what they are today, it seems likely that every traveling salesman kept a handful of families under the radar. We wonder how many men had multiple wives and children in the same city? It would be far more convenient for leading a double life, though the chances of getting caught are definitely higher. More importantly though, why is it illegal to have multiple wives? If a polygamist is honest with each woman, shouldn’t he be able to marry as many as he can handle? Money may get tight, but there’s no credit score required to get hitched and reproduce. And Christianity doesn’t really jibe with polygamy (or polyamorism), but we’re all adults here. Bummer that this guy has to go to jail, but prison may be the best move right now as some of his wives are probably pretty bent and may need time to cool off.

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