The G-Shot: Making Sex More Pleasurable?



Sometimes our love lives need more than hand holding and Barry White music, now women have a new option to help them in the bedroom.

Melissa Sherrill has decided to get a G-Shot to increase her sexual pleasure.

"It's a form of human collagen we inject into the front wall of the vaginal tissues where the G-Spot is," said Justin Salerno, M.D., an Obstetrician Gynecologist.

After finding her pleasure zone and numbing it with local anesthesia, Ob-Gyn Dr. Justin Salerno injects the collagen.

"It didn't hurt at all," said Melissa Sherrill, a G-shot cliet.

The collagen is FDA approved to plump up lips, but this is an off-label use.

YourTango’s Take
Finally, someone has figured out a way to make sex pleasurable. Phew. Between Viagra, birth control pills, and the ol’ Kama Sutra, people seem to have lost track why they got naked in the first place: to experience unbelievable pleasure until one or both parties can’t stand it anymore. There’s really no male version of the G-Shot, but before we feel too sorry for the guys, let’s keep in mind that most of them have not lodged any complaints about the feel-good factor of sex. Really, when was the last time you heard a guy refuse intercourse on the grounds that it just doesn’t feel good enough. That’s what we thought.

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