NY Couples Celebrate Gay Marriage Ruling

NY Couples Celebrate Gay Marriage Ruling

The Dish said we're still married. No more solitaire, let's play hearts.

From The Associated Press By Colleen Long

NEW YORK -- Michael Adams and his partner, Fred Davie, waited three years to find out whether their marriage in Massachusetts was legal. On Wednesday, they got an answer: Their wedding rings can stay on.

A judge ruled that marriages of gay couples from New York who wed in Massachusetts before last July are valid because New York had not explicitly banned same-sex marriages until then.

"We've been in limbo," Adams said. "To learn that the marriage we cherish so much is legal, and recognized in Massachusetts and New York _ well, we can't wait to get together to pop open a bottle of champagne."

Massachusetts became the first state in the country to allow gay marriage in May 2004, but couples are barred from marrying in the state if their marriages would be prohibited in their home states.
Tango’s Take Gays rejoice. This is one step closer to New York allowing gay marriages in their own right. It seems like a lot of the wind has been knocked out of the sails of the anti-gay marriage crowd (Jerry Falwell’s untimely death notwithstanding). The ruling in this article grandfathers in New Yorkers married in Massachusetts before New York passed the gay-marriage ban. This may seem pretty minor (almost like the Catholic church allowing Anglican priests to convert and keep their wives despite the chastity vow for the rest of the Catholic priests), but it could be a precursor to the Empire State allowing gay marriages to happen on its soil. Contrary to popular belief, not all of New York state is located in New York City and not all of New York City is located in Greenwich Village (unlike California which is located on the corner of Ashbury and Haight with a portion in Beverly Hills). So this could be a major milestone. Maybe Governor Eliot Spitzer and Mayor Mike Bloomberg will come out… with a campaign for and against gay marriage, respectively, in New York. This could be a stepping stone to higher office for both.
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