Grey's Anatomy's Kate Walsh Is Engaged


From People
By Jeffrey Slonim

Grey's Anatomy star Kate Walsh now has another reason to celebrate: In addition to getting her own spinoff, she's also getting married.

"I'm engaged," the actress, 39, told PEOPLE on Tuesday at the Entertainment Weekly upfront party at The Box in New York City.

"Alex [Young, a production co-president at 20th Century Fox] asked me to marry him and I said yes. We were in San Francisco last week and I'm very, very, very happy."

So what makes her fiancé so special? "Oh, everything," gushed Walsh, flashing her Neil Lane Jubilee-cut diamond. "He's the most amazing man I ever met. We're in the process of planning the wedding."

Tango’s Take
It’s been a pretty good week for Kate Walsh. First she got a Private Practice on ABC and now she’s getting a husband. Rock on, Doc. What do you think the chances are that these are linked? Seriously, we have a feeling that had Kate Walsh not gotten her own spin-off there would be a show on Fox next season called Frey’s Physiology. It would star Kate Walsh as a plucky young physical therapist, named Jessica Frey, just trying to make sense out of this crazy world. A good week for Kate Walsh, but do we really need another primetime doctor show or another actress married to a TV executive? They put in a good three months, so they have as much of a chance as any Hollywood couple.

In Other Celebrity News:
Richie Sambora and Denise Richards are off. Apparently, these two have been on the outs for a couple months, but didn’t have the heart to tell each other or perhaps it was the press they ignored. If Charlie Sheen’s ex and Heather Locklear’s ex can’t make it happen, then what are the chances of Heather and Charlie ever ending up together like a lost episode of Spin City?

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