Chapel Offers Couples A Chance To Renew Vows

Chapel Offers Couples A Chance To Renew Vows

I'm forever yours, faithfully!

From Islington Gazette

A CHURCH is giving couples the chance to take a second trip down the aisle in a special service for not-so-newlyweds.

Union Chapel, Compton Terrace, Islington, is hosting a free wedding vow renewal day on June 3.

Minister Fionnaigh Read said: "It's easy to take your partner for granted and this is an opportunity for people to say I feel the same way.

"A lot of couples buy eternity rings and we can bless them and make them as special as their wedding rings."

While this story is hardly a new idea (second weddings are a sitcom staple when writers get lazy and need an easy, maudlin story for sweeps), but still worth mentioning. Every relationship can use a little romance from time to time and sometimes it takes more than a dozen roses and a sweet card from Hallmark. The answer: trip to a romantic island without kids, Blackberries or pants. First runner-up: renewing vows. The original wedding is a crazy blur, full of stress and unreasonable expectations. A second wedding could be the chance to get it right or at least easier. Yeah, it is far-fetched. The real beneficiaries from a trend like marriage renewal are the jewelry companies. If they can convince us all that a wedding ring and engagement ring are standard and that the right-hand ring finger is the place for a woman to put a ring that she bought herself, then mandatory eternity rings are not out of the questions. And there is nothing we can do to stop them—these guys are marketing geniuses.

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