Now Brides-To-Be Have A Book Club

Now Brides-To-Be Have A Book Club

From Market Wire

HICKSVILLE, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 05/15/07 -- Brides under constant wedding stress are often known to blow a fuse and morph into Bridezilla, but at (the country's leading wedding website forum community), brides are laughing and joking over a great wedding novel. Now, a new book club focused solely on bridal-themed novels has turned a country of about-to-snap brides into calmer versions of their original selves. Each month's book selection offers a fun perspective on a topic that brides face -- problems with the mothers, issues with the bridesmaids, problems with the groom or an ex who haunts them -- and the friendly community of online book club members discuss their own experiences as related to the novel. Guided by questions posted by the author, the members of's book club share their own humorous experiences, provide advice to one another, and perhaps follow the lead of the novel's heroine. Says one Pash book club member: "This book is HYSTERICAL!" By virtue of gathering to discuss a funny or touching moment in the book, this community of brides escapes their own wedding stress.

Tango’s Take Good news for the stressed-out bride set, you are not alone. It seems like the utility of a group like this is more in camaraderie rather than in reading an entertaining yarn. Who can commiserate with a stressed-out bride better than another stressed-out bride? There has to be a possibility of reaching critical mass though (in a bad way, like before a nuclear reaction). What would it take push a room of stressed out women over the edge? Would a woman with a penchant for one-upsmanship do it? “Oh, you have two bridesmaids that don’t like each other? Well my sisters are twins and I had to pick one to be my maid-of-honor and the other one kidnapped her and tried to switch places with her and kill me.” “Your fiancé is in Iraq? My fiancé is traveling back in time to stop the Terminator from destroying humanity. Sooo.” A few comments along those lines and there could be real need for make-up and hair artists will have their work cut out for them masking scratches, black eyes and torn-out chunks of hair.

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