Timberlake Flies Jessica Biel To England For A Chicken Meal

Timberlake Flies Jessica Biel To England For A Chicken Meal

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Justin Timberlake flies Jessica Biel to England
Singer Justin Timberlake actress Jessica Biel to the UK, just so he could take her on a date - ousting reports that the pair are no longer an item.

The ‘My Love’ singer was apparently “pining” for Jessica’s company, during a leg of his current UK tour - so he invited her to join him in Manchester where they enjoyed a meal in restaurant chain Nando’s.

A source told English newspaper “The Daily Mirror” “Justin’s really into Jess and when he found out she had some free time he asked her to join him on the UK leg of his tour.

“They’re both doing everything they can to keep their relationship low profile but when they’re among friends they can hardly keep their hands off each other.”
Tango’s Take Are they? Aren’t they? Who cares? Even when money is no real issue, flying someone from LA to London (for a meal) is a pretty big move. This ought to quash any rumors about reconciliation with Cameron Diaz for JT. Same goes for Timberlake and ScarJo. It probably also proves false any romantic link between Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds. A Biel/Reynolds relationship had an in-shape, raw carnality about them, like they could kill a horde of vampires and then go at it for a few hours.
Justin and Jessica are a pretty good match though. Though we are not pleased with the amalgamated name the press has chosen for them: TimBielake. If they haven’t picked that one yet, they will.

Also, Eva Longoria is reporting that she is not abstaining from sex until her July 7th marriage as we mentioned in the Dish On May 10th. She’s just good at getting in the press with news about her sexuality.

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