Company Makes Traffic An Opportunity To Meet A Mate

Company Makes Traffic An Opportunity To Meet A Mate

LOS ANGELES, May 15 /PRNewswire/ --, a website that allows you to meet people while driving in traffic, has now attained trademark status and is now waiting on patent approval. The site, which has shown significant growth in the Los Angeles area (its launch location) in the past several months, has been the talk of many in the single scene across the country.

The ongoing premise of the website is to allow people to contact individuals they see sitting in traffic next to them in the privacy of their own home. Like a "second license plate", single individuals looking for a different way of meeting people can now sign up, receive stickers to put on their windows with a unique four-digit code, and look for that next cutie driving beside them.

As cities around the world become more congested, has been there with this entirely new way of meeting people. founder, Tim Baudler, says, "Once you see the person next to you in traffic, you know whether or not there is a spark, and vice-versa. Many of us sitting in traffic have glanced over and said 'Wow! I wonder what his or her story is. Are they single/married? Are they straight/gay? What are their interests?'"

Tango’s Take Picking up someone while driving is a fantasy that often includes a convertible, a sun-kissed driver, and a couple of coy winks and a few sexy revs of the engine (think Christy Brinkley and Chevy Chase in Vacation). But what about the rest of the commuters out there—the ones view the car not only as a mode of transportation, but also as a sanctuary for nose-picking, terrible upper body dance moves, and conversations with, well…themselves? Stick to speed dating folks, at least everyone knows that they’re being watched.

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