Soccer Studs Awarded Damages In Sex Toy Case


A sex toy firm is to pay footballers Michael Ballack and Oliver Kahn £34 000 each for using their names to sell vibrators. The stars sued German firm Beate Uhse after it sold vibrators called "Michael B" and "Olli K" without their permission. Both men are hugely popular among German women and the company decided to market the bright-red, seven-inch dildos to cash in on World Cup fever in Germany.? But Chelsea's Ballack and Kahn of Bayern Munich took legal action after they found out the vibrators were on sale in stores for around £40.??The damages, awarded in Hamburg, were slightly less than the stars' demands for more than £40 000 each. -

YourTango’s Take

What’s next? Lubricant named after a movie star (Clooney Glide)? Edible underwear named after a socialite (Paris Panties)? We would be annoyed too if a sex toy company placed our identity on a vibrator with asking first. The could have asked…The incident was undoubtedly embarrassing, but Ballack and Kahn should feel comforted that their toys retailed at a pricey £40 each (that’s about $80, Americans). Though Ballack and Kahn could feel a little ripped off considering socialite Kim Kardashian got a cool $1 million from her sex tape settlement.

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