Lindsay Lohan And Calum Best Share Romantic Escapades In The Bahamas

Lindsay Lohan And Calum Best Share Romantic Escapades In The

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Actress Lindsay Lohan and Calum Best have shown the world they are official during a romantic break in the Bahamas. The new couple arrived in the Bahamas on Friday evening in time for poolside Janet Jackson concert which was also attended by John Travolta, Rob Lowe, Whitney Houston, Spike Lee, Michael Jordan and Tyra Banks.

Tango’s Take Great Bahamas weekend for Lindsay Lohan: she attended a double J concert, late night party at the Atlantis and then her breast ‘accidentally’ slipped out of her bathing suit. What do you know of this Calum Best? Who are you Calum Best? (He’s the son of a famous English soccer player, George Best, an ex model, and sometimes reality TV star.) Apparently that fame did not extend across the pond. He was allegedly detained outside of the night club’s VIP section until one of Lohan’s friends came and got him. Yeeesh. Awkward for him.

In other celebrity relationship-related news:

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  • The Donald is a Grandpa. Donald Trump Jr’s wife, Vanessa, had a baby girl over the weekend.
  • In other baby news, Sheryl Crow adopted a baby boy a couple weeks ago. Guess who doesn’t need Lance Armstrong any more?
  • And Drea De Matteo, Adriana from The Sopranos, is likely pregnant with Shooter Jenning’s child. Guess who doesn’t need Christopher Moltisanti any more?

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