Online Dating With A Darwinian Hitch

Online Dating With A Darwinian Hitch

From By Aidan Radnedge

The ugly side of dating?

A dating website where looks really are everything and ugly people are banned is giving a modern meaning to Charles Darwin's 'survival of the fittest' theory.

If you have a wonky nose, freckles, acne, a mullet or even – horror of horrors – red hair, is not the matchmaker for you.

It does not matter if you have a good sense of humour or a keen interest in the arts, if you have bald patches or nerdy glasses you will not make the grade.

But you won't be alone. Half of all British applications so far have been rejected.

The site is based on Darwin's theory of evolution – interpreted as meaning the most attractive of the species must be drawn together.

And even some of the world's most beautiful people would find themselves stuck on the shelf if they applied.

Tango’s Take If an idea has already been executed on one side of the ocean, can it truly be considered innovative when it’s then done on the other? The British gave us Pop Idol, which we turned into American Idol. In a bit of turnabout, America came up with and Australia follows with The premise: sound (i.e. sane), good-looking people only want to date other well-adjusted good-looking folks. Does anyone even bother to write a bio? “My name is Amber and I enjoy clothes, make-up, exercise and sex with hot guys.” But is Internet dating really for good-looking people? Not to sound callous, but aren’t people who are primarily motivated by looks better off meeting at a bar? What are the chances that your online interest isn’t hiding an obnoxious accent or a weird body odor? Fine, niche dating is niche dating. You get what you pay for, so there will be no sympathy if the guy you met online stains your sheets with his summer skin bronzer.

See the Dish from March 22 for more on At least their founder made it onto his own site.

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