Helena Bonham-Carter Would Have ‘Divorced’ Tim Burton If He Did Not Cast Her In Movie Role


British actress HELENA BONHAM-CARTER insists she would have "divorced" boyfriend TIM BURTON if he hadn't cast her in his latest movie.

The star battled against 40 other actresses to land a part in the Burton-directed film Sweeney Todd, but admits merging her work and personal life has taken its toll.

She says, "I auditioned for my role - although I'd have divorced Tim if I hadn't got it. In fact, we're not even married, but I'd have still divorced him.

Tango’s Take

Tim Burton was doing himself a huge favor in casting Helena Bonham-Carter. The rationale is threefold: 1) She is a phenomenal talent and has an English accent for an English role. 2) She is waaaaay out of his league in the looks department. Sure he’s a famous director, but he is one Lyle Lovett to her Julia Roberts. 3) She knows the story of Sweeney Todd. If he denied her the part, he would have to look over his shoulder the rest of his days, lest she feed him to his friends as means of revenge. Hence the tricky part about working with romantic interests. It’s fine if they are equals, but a director is lord and master of his actors. We’re glad that she scored the role, but let’s see how they handle the actual filmmaking. Our guess:  flawlessly on the surface, but with ruffled feathers behind the scenes.

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