Using Insurance Products To Hedge Your Wedding Day Risk

Using Insurance Products To Hedge Your Wedding Day Risk


'Oh, God. What have I gotten myself into?'

From Associated Press Here are some ways to protect marrying couples and their guests:
Insurance: A number of companies offer specific insurance for weddings, covering such items as lost or damaged dresses, cancellation or postponement due to weather, military deployment or death in the family. There also is an option from Fireman's Fund that covers "change of heart" or cold feet.
Insurance is just one protective step that engaged couples should consider. Others include preparing for everything from property thieves to identity theft, said Michael McCann, a former United Nations security chief. McCann founded McCann Protective Services, a New York City firm that offers security services such as protection, crisis management, intelligence services and security awareness programs.

Tango’s Take Ah, yes. ‘Cold Feet’ insurance. This takes the cake. Ok, maybe not but if it did, that’s ok, because it’s covered. This might be the best (and least romantic) idea since the post-nup became vogue. Then again, how would you feel if your fiance took out change o’ heart insurance? “Hey sweetie, it’s for both of us. Trust me when I say we will be kicking ourselves if you want to jump ship but resist because you feel guilty about the money spent on our aborted wedding. Ha!” You can’t help but applaud the unfettered capitalist who looks for ways to make money off of insecure couples. The rest of the insurance products (damaged dresses, postponement due to weather or military deployment) seem like good ideas. Maybe someone could develop an insurance that guarantees a fun honeymoon or that your brother won’t get drunk and make an embarrassing speech. There’s some things that just can’t be accounted for. Let’s just hope that those kind-hearted firemen at Fireman’s Fund don’t let this insurance-related cynicism ruin their love lives.

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