New Zach Braff Film Makes Light Of Marital Problems

New Zach Braff Film Makes Light Of Marital Problems


From The Boston Herald By Stephen Schaefer

Is Zach Braff trying to shed his Mr. Nice Guy image?
Not exactly, the “Scrubs” star said.
True, in his new film “The Ex” (opening tomorrow, May 11th), Braff does push a paraplegic down a flight of stairs.
In this comedy about a troubled marriage, Braff’s Tom Reilly is the put-upon husband of Amanda Peet’s Sofia. The first-time parents have left Manhattan for their Ohio hometown, where Tom will work for his father-in-law.
Tom learns office politics can get nasty. Justin Bateman’s Chip, Sofia’s high school beau, is a sneaky, backstabbing paraplegic out to scratch him from both job and wife.

As their rivalry escalates, Tom throws Chip down the stairs.
“I was nervous,” Braff said. “Are we going to be able to pull it off? Because it needs to be funny.”
As for starring in a comedy in which Tom’s lawyer wife is the family breadwinner, Braff sees that as a reflection of reality.

Tango’s Take This is exactly the kind of movie that The Dish should be invited to review. We wonder if Zach Braff is going to play Zach Braff in this movie. Is he going to play a nice guy with a self-absorbed streak who ultimately does the right thing in the end? Our guess is that everyone will eventually see eye-to-eye and be better friends in the end. But this brings ups an age-old question, can exes be friends? More importantly, can an ex be friends with you and your current ‘boyf’, ‘girlf’ or spouse? Does anyone really get over her first love? And finally, do any movie characters have mediocre high school loves? It’s like everyone has made a fortune on the stock market or can whittle a wedding arc from a birch tree or has robbed a bank and spent eight months in the pokey. We’re glad that Zach Braff is getting back to comedy, we could only stand so many of his sad bastard roles (i.e. Garden State and Last Kiss). We think there is a good chance that this will be funny: a guy named “Chip” gets pushed down a flight of stairs in a wheel chair.

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